Happy 2015!


I’m back in the studio and finally giving this site some love – I’m excited to share what I’ve been up to over the last few months! Me and my scanner have been busy – expect plenty of posts in the coming weeks.

Whale Windows

whale people 3

I have started a separate blog for my current project with Guildhouse and the SA Museum: Whale Windows

It’s a cross-platform, interactive project exploring the narrative potential of flawed human attempts to understand, and relate to, mammals as massive and seemingly ‘alien’ as whales.

I’ll be exploring the Museum’s world-class Marine Mammal collection; collaboratively generating fanciful, empathetic stories about humans and whales through workshops with kids, and then creating a  interactive display of comics, artwork and animation that playfully weaves together fact and fancy, and speculates on emotional connections between our very different species.

I’ve just had my first day exploring the amazing collection, the kids’ workshops are next week and the exhibition will be up at the Museum around July or August.

Check it out!

Whale Windows

Problems with a Girl and a Unicorn

This story is not for kids… but if you’re not a kid, you can read it here

Earlier this year I had the chance to adapt a short story by one of my favourite Australian authors, Nick Earls, into a comic format.

It was a lot of hard work, but very rewarding, and the graphic story was published in Griffith Review 32

(print editions only! Don’t buy the digital edition if you’re looking for my comic!)

Format Comics

The gang over at Format are a good bunch. They run a Zine store / art space / live music venue here in Adelaide, throw some excellent parties and, every year, put on an amazing two-week DIY Arts festival or two. Last year they made a sort of yearbook as well, so I put these comics together. Words by Format Collective.

Comikaze: pencils down!

Well, I did it! I drew my comic from 3:20pm saturday to 3:20pm sunday with only a teensy-weensy nap. And I ended up with a 16-pager rather than a 24-pager, and the final few certainly weren’t as finished as the first couple, and I now look / feel like this:

… but that’s okay, it was a fun and rewarding ordeal, definitely worth it for the characters that emerged when the pressure was on! Go Dimby, Aga Panther and President Olgpen Rumple! :-)

Comikaze 24-hour comics challenge

Ooh lordy! This long weekend, Comikaze 2010 is being held – the 24-hour comics challenge, and I’ve decided to enter for the first time! So, in an hour or so (hopefully) I’ll put my head down and get scribblin’ to create a 24-page comic in just 24 hours. I’ve never written and drawn such a long comic before, so I’m very anxious and excited. Plus I have no idea what it will end up being ‘about’ until I read the key words for my starting time – there are new ones announced every hour. Lucky dip plot!!

Follow my comic’s progress (and my gradual descent into deluded fatigue) here :-)

Stocked up with snacks, I don’t wanna have to stop drawing to eat!

Snacky snack snackfoooooooods!!


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